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Teaching guitar in Bridlington, East Yorks: Acoustic, Electric & Bass


Lesson slots have been expanded: a 30-minute lesson will now have a 40-minute time slot to cater for safe student changeover and allow me to sanitise door knobs and intercom bell push after each lesson. For this reason please don’t arrive more than a couple of minutes early, or please stay in the car if you are here too soon, so you are not coming in as the student before you is coming out.

Hand sanitiser and disposable paper towels will be provided in the utility room as you come in, along with a waste bin. Students and parents/guardians are asked to please sanitise their hands on entry. The studio bathroom is available for washing of hands at any time. Paper towels will be provided, along with a waste bin. Toilet flush handle and seat will be sanitised after use, as will sink taps and door handles.

The studio now consists of a larger single room. A large sofa is provided for students - this is not straight opposite me so we will not be directly facing each other. A distance of between 1.5 and 2.5 metres between student and teacher will be maintained at all times, depending on where you choose to sit. There is now a separate chair for parents/guardians.

Students (and parents/guardians if accompanying them) will be required to wear a face covering at all times on the premises if they are 11 years old or over, as shall I. Plastic visors can be provided at cost price of £2.50 if needed. These can be taken home or left in the studio where I will sanitise them and store them hygienically for reuse, labelled with the student’s name.

Students of any electric instruments will be required to bring a tuner and also a guitar lead, which I will plug in and unplug at my end using a sanitised paper towel.

Music stands will be disinfected after every lesson.

If you or your accompanying parent/guardian feel unwell please cancel the lesson.

I want to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, but being in a high-risk category I will be adhering to these guidelines for as long as they are recommended. Your cooperation is appreciated.